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DSP Careers 

What is the DSP Careers Program?

Being a Direct Support Professional (DSP) at LOGAN is a rewarding career making a difference in the lives of the people we serve. LOGAN has developed DSP Careers as a voluntary program for DSPs interested in furthering their career in this profession at LOGAN. 

Our vision for DSP Careers includes the following benefits for our DSPs: 

•    Provide opportunities for professional growth and development.

•    Provide opportunities for advancement, including titles and wage increases.

•    Recognize employees for achieving advanced positions.

•    Prepare employees for further advancement into supervisory positions.

•    Promote the expectation of quality care.

•    Reward employees for meeting and surpassing quality care expectations.

•    Provide ongoing training and support.

•    Reward employees for working weekend shifts.

•    Attract and retain the most talented employees.


LOGAN has developed three levels of the Direct Support Professional (DSP) position to allow for professional and personal growth, and accompanying wage increases, within the DSP profession. 

Pay range:

$13.00 to $17.00 per hour


The three levels are as follows:

o    DSP

o    DSP Premier

o    DSP Elite

•    Advancing from one level to another requires the demonstration of specific core c.     competencies and tenure with LOGAN.

•    These core competencies are similar across all programs yet include specificity for each department.

•    Formal assessment is needed to move from one level to the next.

•     Each level is associated with a different title and pay rate.

•    Annually, DSP Premier and DSP Elite employees will receive formal recognition.

•    Participation in DSP Careers is completely voluntary. Employees are not required to engage in formal assessment for DSP Premier and DSP Elite. Every employee is essential to program operations. For those employees choosing not to participate in DSP Careers, they will hold the title of DSP and earn the corresponding wage. They will not be eligible for wage bonuses or wage increases.

•    Many positions in program departments perform direct support duties from time to time or as part of their position, DSP Careers is intended for the DSP position only and not roles that include supervisory responsibilities.

**More information on the DSP Careers Program is available during the hiring process. 

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